What kind of warfare is this?

As I look around at the church I see some things that bother me. The first group in the church do not even know there is warfare going on. They are the lazy church goers that think just because they got saved everything is fine or it will be okay on it’s own. Spiritual warfare is not a topic that they are familiar with in church. This is one of the groups in the church that the enemy loves to work through because they are not acquainted with the Word of God. In light of this they are unaware of the enemy’s plan to destroy them through manipulation through the unseen spirit realm. They make decisions based upon their feelings are reasonings instead of asking God what they should or should not do. The Word of God is not a go too tool for them because they simply live their life upon their on convictions and the enemy laughs at them because he knows he already has his hooks in them. The second group in the church is the one who knows they are not living up to God’s standards but feels like because they go to church and pay their tithes then they are alright. They enjoy all the worldly confronts of the earth in exchange for their Heavenly home. Life for them is enjoying the moment of earthly treasures instead of seeking the face of God. This group is aware of  the enemy but to weak to care. The third group in the church are the true warriors of Christ, they understand that they must fully submit unto God and continue to resist the enemy. They rage war with just their simple Godly life style and heartfelt commit unto the Lord. In return they study to show themselves approved unto God and they worship and pray earnestly waging real war against the enemy. The light of God reflected from them pierces through the darkness of this world revealing the true nature of God. So what kind of warfare is this? It is let there be light and the light is good and darkness can not and will not over come it. God’s kind of warfare which brings victory and healing.

Why life as a Christian ?

Why life as a Christian

Posted: 29 Feb 2020 07:08 PM PST

  After being exposed to many different doctrines in the Christian arena, I decided to set up a website that looked at many aspects of a Christian’s life here on plant earth. We are living in an age where anything goes so people look past what the scriptures say about our life and just go for the new fad doctrine as their belief system on different issues and situations in their life. Many church goers zip thru life without ever picking up the word of God for themselves. This is so dangerous for the state of a person’s soul because it is easy for Satan to hook wink you into believing something that is totally opposite of the word of God. There are so many deceiving voices in the world trying to appear as an angel of light to people who are ignorant of the word of God. A lot of people claim to be Christians but have no knowledge of Christ Himself. If I do not know the one who I serve, how can I say what is being said is apart of His character. God reveals His nature, His ways, character, and His thoughts thru His word. For instance you can tell by this post that I’m a true believer in the word of God. Moreover, I believe in getting to know God for yourself. If we are suppose to be Christians than we must find out what Christ is like and emulate Him here on earth. Jesus said that He came that I may have life more abundantly but what does that mean? How does an abundant Christian life look on earth? These are the questions that will shape a lot of what I discuss on this website. We must learn how to look at life thru God’s eyes and order to gage the truth of our lives.

Preparing for the glory of God II

Preparing for the glory of God II

Posted: 13 Apr 2020 05:16 PM PDT

When we think about suffering in this life, no one is particularly thrilled about the subject matter. Looking back at Romans 8:18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. God is trying to send us a message through this verse. What does God mean when He says revealed in us? Revealed in the Greek means to disclose, uncover, or unveil. It also means the salvation and glory that await the believer.  In other words God’s deliverance and brilliance shall be seen and experienced by us. I do not know about you but I’m looking forward to this. In life I’ve suffered so many things at the hands of man, Satan, and myself. The hurt and pain sometimes seemed unbearable but I have always held on to the fact that God knows what He is doing and He has a plan for my life although I might not always see it. When you go through suffering God’s way it causes things to fall off you that was weighing you down and you just did not know it. The pains of this world can take something out of you to make room for God to put something in you. If you learn how to run to Him instead of away from Him, God will bring deliverance to you and cause the brilliance of His light to shine through you.

Preparing for the glory of God

Preparing for the glory of God

Posted: 27 Feb 2020 01:00 PM PST

For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. Romans 8:18

When life throws you curve balls and you know that you know you are trying to do the will of God, maybe it is time to see if God is allowing this to happen to bring glory to His name. In the last nine months I’ve gone threw things in my family that would cause the average person to question God. Watching a loved one suffer at the hands of others with no relief in sight can seem hopeless. Throughout this whole ordeal I had to remind myself not to look at it from my perspective but from God’s. Seeing the situation through God’s eyes and not my own gave me strength to stand through this time of testing. Looking forward to the blessing of God completing what He started in my loved one and what He started in me. God allows different things to transpire in our lives to reveal His glory. Going through this test I have noticed people faith is not always what they profess. Interesting, people try to put off what they feel on you like you think and feel like them. I have been greatly disturbed at prayers that have been offered up on our behalf because I could hear the unbelief etched right into the prayer offered up.

Throughout all these events I have seen the truth of God’s word become a reality in my life. God’s glory will be revealed in all of this to show people that He is still God on the throne. Hold on no matter what is being said are done to you and hope until the end. You shall see the salvation of the Lord if you faint not are grow weary in well doing.

Do you know what a real Christian is?

Will the real Christians stand up    Do you know what a real Christian is?

Have you ever wondered what being a Christian really is ? Most people just talk about receiving Jesus Christ as their savior but what does that really mean? In a world that is crowded by so much stuff and information, what does today’s real Christian look like? For majority of people who say they are Christians it usually mean they go to church on Sundays. So what if you can’t go to church every Sunday are you still considered a Christian. Yes, being a Christian does not mean being in a certain place at a certain time but believing that Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected on the third day and now sits on the right hand of the Father. Furthermore, it means being a discipline follower of Jesus Christ which means we follow closely the teachings of Jesus. Also, this following Jesus Christ causes us to look more like Him each and everyday. In others words we start conducting our day today lives more in line with the will of the Father. When the scripture says “In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct our paths,” this is a statement. (Proverbs 3:6) We as Christians are suppose to conduct our lives as the Lord leads us day by day. Why don’t we hear this taught in church anymore? I believe because many who are teaching the word are not following this scripture themselves. What is the difference between a Christian and a non Christian? The difference is who controls our lives. If we fully allow Jesus to conduct our life we would find a greater fulfillment in this life.



images-1A heart full of compassion lives longer than a heart full of bitterness. Sometimes a smile or a friendly hello can make a difference in somebody’s life. Be the one who really cares genuinely for someone else other than friends or family. Live your life through the eyes of compassion. Be the one who truly consider another’s feelings or problems. When the heart grows bitter it hardens every aspect of that person’s life including their body. It causes everything to go into death and decay mode that then translates over into the relationships in our lives. Bitterness is the opposite or absence of compassion. We as Christians are suppose to live a life full of compassion but bitterness robs us of the ability to produce compassion. Hardness of the heart leads literally to the hardness of our physical heart, veins, and arteries. It is important to let go of all hurt and unforgiveness so we can walk freely in compassion and fulfill God’s will for our lives.

What does repentance really mean

What does repentance really mean?

imagesIn today’s churches we hear so little said about repentance but what does this really mean? According to the biblical dictionary repentance means to turn or return. It also means to change one’s mind which would result in a change of action. What are we turning from or returning to? We should be turning from all sorts of sin and returning to God with our whole hearts. As Christians God requires us to live a life faithful to Him in every area of our day to day activities. The bible tells us” in all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.”(proverbs 3:6) To tell you the truth most of us do not exercise this scripture. We go on with our daily activities without ever asking God for His guidance which is sin. Furthermore, when we lose sight on Him throughout the day it opens up the way for us to sin very easily. Changing our mind can only come from being enlightened by the Word of God. God’s word causes us to see where we have fallen short of His glory and gives us the information we need to make an intelligent decision about how our thoughts are in regards to what ever sin God is exposing in our lives at that time. The bible says that “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” (proverbs 14:12) A lot of the things we think are right, is in fact wrong. It takes God to shine His light upon our souls to expose the darkness within so we can turn from whatever it is He is trying to deliver us from.


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2 Responses to “What does repentance really mean?”

  1.  Rosalind Rogers says:

    This was a great message and glad I read it to find out the trur meaning of repentance. God knows we are going to do things before we do them but we are suppose to go to him all our needs.

Understanding the Bible – Help for Your Bible Study

If you have ever felt at all inadequate when studying the Word of God in depth and you have become confused and disillusioned by the disparity among Bible teachers and commentators, read on. Here are a few tips to help you avoid the confusion in choosing worthwhile Bible study resources.

The Bible is not always easy to understand. And we are held accountable for how we absorb it into our lives. Proverbs 4:23 makes it clear that each of us is responsible for his own heart. Consequently, many of us begin our study by reading commentaries and articles by those who we figure should know what they are talking about. These supplementary studies can be very valuable, if we adhere to a few simple rules at the outset.

First and foremost, beware of opinions presented as truths. The opinions of men can and do end up becoming the teachings of men, which then become the traditions of men and the traditions of men render the Word of no effect (Mark 7:13; Romans 4:14; Mark 7:8,9).

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Christians and the Movies

I am confident that most Christians want to do right and not go beyond God’s boundaries. However, from time to time, they find themselves in situations not knowing what to do.


Which movies meet with God’s approval is a problem for many church-goers. No one probably would object to movies such as; “Little House On The Prairie,” “The Waltons,” “Father Knows Best,” “Andy Griffith Show,” or “The Bill Cosby Show.” However, movies with ratings of “PG”, “R” and “X”, should be considered as dangerous to one’s spiritual health.

Satan has always been a “Master” at getting people to follow him. Se Genesis 3:1-24 for the first deception he planted in the minds of Adam and Eve. Also, note the penalty which they suffered due to their falling prey to Satan’s temptation. Satan is so very “slick.” He sneaks up on one slowly and before a person realizes it, he has fallen into his traps.

The traps, which Satan sets for mankind are varied, but we will just look at – the “questionable” movies. When movies first became known to man, they were wholesome and very helpful. Due to censorship, curse words, obscenities, profanities, vulgarities and “off color” jokes and comments were unheard of. But slowly, the censoring process has “lowered” its standards. Satan always works like this, very slowly.

Today most conservative church-goers will note the rating a movie has (theater, TV or VCR rental), prior to viewing it themselves or permitting their children to view it. The ratings are:

“G” – General Audience (Nothing questionable)

“PG” – Parental Guidance Suggested (Obscene language, suggestive scenes, etc.)

“R” – Restricted (One must be 18 years of age, or accompanied by an adult; obscenities, nudity, sexual scenes, etc.)

“X” – This is pornography in various forms (Scenes of graphically depicting sexual encounters; man/woman, boy/girl, group sex, homosexuals, anal, oral, “Sadomasochism” – which is men beating on women with rubber hoses or whips for sexual kicks, lesbians, etc.)

Now some folks may say, “We are living in the ‘UP AGE’ and need to come out of the Puritan Days.” That sounds good, however, God’s Word is still God’s Word, and it still says, “Avoid every kind of evil” (1 Thessalonians 5:22).

If a person cannot watch a movie when fellow Christians are present due to its low moral standards, it should be avoided. Well, that is the conclusion one would have to draw, if he is going to allow God’s Word to guide him (see 1 Peter 2:11). Is this not right?

A few years ago, many Christians were willing to picket theaters which scheduled movies, other than wholesome one, such as what we today call “G” rated movies. Today many of those same church members attempt to justify watching movies with ratings other than “G.” Most well meaning church members do not realize that movies that teach and show filth can become addictive. If you do not believe me concerning this, just notice the enormous number of your acquaintances who are hooked on the TV soaps.

Now be honest. Can a truly “Born Again” child of God watch the soaps daily where acts of adultery are constantly being committed, and swear words are regularly used? You see, one becomes an alcoholic by starting out drinking socially. Likewise, one becomes addicted to heroin by starting out smoking marijuana. Also, one becomes addicted to pornography by starting out with “PG” rated movies and then advancing to the “R” rated movies, and then moves on to the “X” rated films. Again – Satan always moves in a slow manner, in order to catch his victim in his traps.

The devil has made it convenient (via pornography mail order houses, drive thru film rentals, etc.) for the “X” rated films to make their way into homes of church members. One way to stop unsolicited porno ads from coming to our mail boxes is by obtaining Form #39-USC-3010, from the Post Office. Complete this form and after thirty days, if you receive any further porno ads, the pornographers are subject to court action by the U.S. Government. This form should be completed by every Christian, because Christians are to desire to walk holy and righteous lives. Can one say that it is holy and righteous to watch a man and woman commit an act of adultery on TV or on the VCR, or at the theater?

The Christian realizes that he is not to be a stumbling-block, “So then each of us shall give account of himself to God.” (Romans 14:12) He realizes that if a non-Christian would see him at the super market with a carton of smokes or a six-pack of beer in his buggy, it would be a real “Setback” in attempting to witness to the man. He also realizes, or should, that if he or she is caught with questionable films or VCR tapes – it is going to likewise serve as a stumbling-block to his witness.

May God help Christians to realize that Jesus did say, “He who is not with me is against me. . .” (Matthew 12:30) It would be difficult to believe that Jesus would be comfortable watching some of today’s films. May His Spirit, which a sinner receives at water baptism (Acts 2:38), guide every Christian into making the correct selection of the movies he watches. May we recall an old saying, “What goes into the mind – is going to come out in some manner.” Thus, if we want wholesomeness to be in our livesArticle Submission, may we put wholesome things (films) into our minds.

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Faith is Not Easy, but You Can Have it!

Faith can be as illusive as a butterfly. However, even a butterfly can be caught with a net. Learn how to recognize faith, catch it and hold onto it forever!


For the past months my husband and I have been standing in prayer for a friend that is going through a very stressful situation in her life. We have been her mentor for many years.

She is one of those special people that receives and follows instructions to a tee. That is very rare. There are many people who constantly ask questions. They will listen to what is being said, but they never put into practice what they have heard.

Many of these people just want therapy; they do not want solid answers that require change. Change is not easy. It is the one of the most difficult things that we humans must learn to do. Just as our natural muscles ache when we over exercise or use them in ways in which they are not accustomed, the same is true when we stretch our spiritual muscles. They too cry out in pain.

As we read in Hebrews 11:1, “Faith is the substance of the things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.”

How do we believe for something we cannot see? In Romans 4:17, Abraham “called things that are not, as though they were.”

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