Why life as a Christian ?

Why life as a Christian

Posted: 29 Feb 2020 07:08 PM PST

  After being exposed to many different doctrines in the Christian arena, I decided to set up a website that looked at many aspects of a Christian’s life here on plant earth. We are living in an age where anything goes so people look past what the scriptures say about our life and just go for the new fad doctrine as their belief system on different issues and situations in their life. Many church goers zip thru life without ever picking up the word of God for themselves. This is so dangerous for the state of a person’s soul because it is easy for Satan to hook wink you into believing something that is totally opposite of the word of God. There are so many deceiving voices in the world trying to appear as an angel of light to people who are ignorant of the word of God. A lot of people claim to be Christians but have no knowledge of Christ Himself. If I do not know the one who I serve, how can I say what is being said is apart of His character. God reveals His nature, His ways, character, and His thoughts thru His word. For instance you can tell by this post that I’m a true believer in the word of God. Moreover, I believe in getting to know God for yourself. If we are suppose to be Christians than we must find out what Christ is like and emulate Him here on earth. Jesus said that He came that I may have life more abundantly but what does that mean? How does an abundant Christian life look on earth? These are the questions that will shape a lot of what I discuss on this website. We must learn how to look at life thru God’s eyes and order to gage the truth of our lives.

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