What does repentance really mean

What does repentance really mean?

imagesIn today’s churches we hear so little said about repentance but what does this really mean? According to the biblical dictionary repentance means to turn or return. It also means to change one’s mind which would result in a change of action. What are we turning from or returning to? We should be turning from all sorts of sin and returning to God with our whole hearts. As Christians God requires us to live a life faithful to Him in every area of our day to day activities. The bible tells us” in all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.”(proverbs 3:6) To tell you the truth most of us do not exercise this scripture. We go on with our daily activities without ever asking God for His guidance which is sin. Furthermore, when we lose sight on Him throughout the day it opens up the way for us to sin very easily. Changing our mind can only come from being enlightened by the Word of God. God’s word causes us to see where we have fallen short of His glory and gives us the information we need to make an intelligent decision about how our thoughts are in regards to what ever sin God is exposing in our lives at that time. The bible says that “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” (proverbs 14:12) A lot of the things we think are right, is in fact wrong. It takes God to shine His light upon our souls to expose the darkness within so we can turn from whatever it is He is trying to deliver us from.


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  1.  Rosalind Rogers says:

    This was a great message and glad I read it to find out the trur meaning of repentance. God knows we are going to do things before we do them but we are suppose to go to him all our needs.

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