images-1A heart full of compassion lives longer than a heart full of bitterness. Sometimes a smile or a friendly hello can make a difference in somebody’s life. Be the one who really cares genuinely for someone else other than friends or family. Live your life through the eyes of compassion. Be the one who truly consider another’s feelings or problems. When the heart grows bitter it hardens every aspect of that person’s life including their body. It causes everything to go into death and decay mode that then translates over into the relationships in our lives. Bitterness is the opposite or absence of compassion. We as Christians are suppose to live a life full of compassion but bitterness robs us of the ability to produce compassion. Hardness of the heart leads literally to the hardness of our physical heart, veins, and arteries. It is important to let go of all hurt and unforgiveness so we can walk freely in compassion and fulfill God’s will for our lives.

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