What kind of warfare is this?

As I look around at the church I see some things that bother me. The first group in the church do not even know there is warfare going on. They are the lazy church goers that think just because they got saved everything is fine or it will be okay on it’s own. Spiritual warfare is not a topic that they are familiar with in church. This is one of the groups in the church that the enemy loves to work through because they are not acquainted with the Word of God. In light of this they are unaware of the enemy’s plan to destroy them through manipulation through the unseen spirit realm. They make decisions based upon their feelings are reasonings instead of asking God what they should or should not do. The Word of God is not a go too tool for them because they simply live their life upon their on convictions and the enemy laughs at them because he knows he already has his hooks in them. The second group in the church is the one who knows they are not living up to God’s standards but feels like because they go to church and pay their tithes then they are alright. They enjoy all the worldly confronts of the earth in exchange for their Heavenly home. Life for them is enjoying the moment of earthly treasures instead of seeking the face of God. This group is aware of  the enemy but to weak to care. The third group in the church are the true warriors of Christ, they understand that they must fully submit unto God and continue to resist the enemy. They rage war with just their simple Godly life style and heartfelt commit unto the Lord. In return they study to show themselves approved unto God and they worship and pray earnestly waging real war against the enemy. The light of God reflected from them pierces through the darkness of this world revealing the true nature of God. So what kind of warfare is this? It is let there be light and the light is good and darkness can not and will not over come it. God’s kind of warfare which brings victory and healing.

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