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Understanding the Bible – Help for Your Bible Study

If you have ever felt at all inadequate when studying the Word of God in depth and you have become confused and disillusioned by the disparity among Bible teachers and commentators, read on. Here are a few tips to help you avoid the confusion in choosing worthwhile Bible study resources. The Bible is not always […]

Christians and the Movies

I am confident that most Christians want to do right and not go beyond God’s boundaries. However, from time to time, they find themselves in situations not knowing what to do.   Which movies meet with God’s approval is a problem for many church-goers. No one probably would object to movies such as; “Little House […]

Faith is Not Easy, but You Can Have it!

Faith can be as illusive as a butterfly. However, even a butterfly can be caught with a net. Learn how to recognize faith, catch it and hold onto it forever!   For the past months my husband and I have been standing in prayer for a friend that is going through a very stressful situation […]

Being A Fearless Ministry Leader

There is a unique challenge to building a ministry that can leave ministers susceptible to fear that other Christians may not have to deal with on a regular basis. Being fearless is not being strong; it is not putting on a smile no matter what; it is not feeling your fear and pushing through it […]

Helping Others – What Did Jesus Say?

Helping others was something Jesus did on a daily basis. He was constantly approached by people, but he will ways found time to stop what He was doing to help those in need. This is a lesson we must learn if we want to be anything like Jesus, our savior.   THE GOOD SAMARITAN While […]

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